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Water System Management

Laura Cummings, P.E., is the Authority's Executive Director and Chief Engineer.  In that capacity, Ms. Cummings is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Authority and performs duties attendant to those roles and other such duties as assigned by the Members or those detailed in law.  In addition to her credentials as a professional engineer, Ms. Cummings is a Licensed Water System Operator and Licensed Treatment Plant Operator.

Federal and State laws and regulations require professional management for today's modern water system.  SMCMUA'S water system operation is under the direction of its Superintendent, Paul Kozakiewicz. 

The Field Support and Construction Division provides supervision of Authority construction activities and handles mapping of the system as well as markouts for other utilities and construction work.  Contact Sophia Heng, Senior Civil Engineer, with inquiries regarding this division.

Repairs to water mains, installation and repairs of hydrants and leak detection of the 370 miles of water mains are a few of the duties of the Transmission and Distribution Division supervised by Kenneth Crawford. 

The operation of the Authority's wells, treatment plants and booster stations on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week basis are capably handled by the Treatment and Pumping Division supervised by Kenneth Crawford.  This Division is also responsible for the maintenance of all Authority property. 

Compliance with Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Regulations and the responsibility for other regulatory matters along with the operations of SMCMUA'S laboratory falls to Drew Saskowitz, Water Quality/Regulatory Specialist.

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