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Customer Service

SMCMUA, like many water utilities, calculates water bills in cubic feet. A cubic foot of water is the volume of water in a container one foot wide, one foot tall and one foot deep.  A cubic foot of water contains 7.48 gallons of water.

Residential meters are read quarterly generally using our Automatic Meter Reading equipment.  A computer in SMCMUA's office calls and reads your water meter using a device called a meter interface unit without your phone ringing.  The reading records the meter reading and compares the reading to the previous quarter's reading.   The difference between the quarterly readings is the actual water consumption and determines the size of your water bill.

Each one hundred cubic feet of water (748 gallons) is the equivalent of one consumption unit.  The typical residential customer uses about 30 consumption units per quarter or about 22,500 gallons.

SMCMUA promotes water conservation by rewarding consumers who use less water and charging more for those who use larger quantities.  You can see the difference in water bills by checking out the Water Conservation section of this site.  This type of rate structure is called an increasing block rate.

Residential rates are as follows:

0-10 consumption units (Life Line Rate) $2.649 per hundred cubic feet
11-30 consumption units (Conservation Rate) $2.912 per hundred cubic feet
31-90 consumption units (High Use Rate) $4.367 per hundred cubic feet
91+ consumption units (Incentive Rate) $5.824 per hundred cubic feet

Current Water Rate Schedule and Miscellaneous Charges (Effective January 1, 2017)

Click Here for Calculating Bill Methods






New Bill Format


SMCMUA has recently converted to a new billing system.  A “sample” bill statement with an explanation of the new format is provided below.  As a result of the billing system upgrade, all customer accounts have been assigned a new account number, a new payment mailing address has been established and a new payment portal website link has been activated. Please update your financial account profile(s) and any links to the online payment portal with this new information to ensure proper payment processing.  Refer to your bill statement for your new account number and the new payment mailing address. 


Please call our Customer Service Department at 973-326-6880 or email us at customerservice@smcmua.org for any questions.


View New Bill Format


Pay Online


The MyGovHub website allows you to pay your water bill online by E-check, Debit or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover only).  There are no service fees for using this service.  A Credit/Debit Card transaction will authorize and charge your card account that day.


Please note that the Account Number has changed from the previous 20-999-##-#### number.  Please call our Customer Service Department at 973-326-6880 or email us at customerservice@smcmua.org with any questions.


It has been reported that Internet Explorer (IE) 8 is unsupported due to security deficiencies. Please upgrade IE and other browsers, such as FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Mac users), to the latest version as not to have any issues.


Pay Online



Setup Water Account


To apply for water service to premises previously supplied by SMCMUA, contact the Customer Service Department at 973-326-6880 to obtain an Application for Water Service.  You may also click on one of the links below to view.  Water accounts must be in the property owner’s name, as water charges are attached to the property.  Unpaid water bills are subject to property liens.


Residential Account Application        Commercial Account Application


Direct Payment Enrollment


The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (SMCMUA) is now offering an automatic payment system to its customers.  This method of payment allows you to pay your water bill automatically by having the payment deducted electronically from your checking account through your bank. 


We will continue to send you a statement each billing period.  Once enrolled, your invoice will state:  ‟** ACCOUNT ENROLLED IN DIRECT PAYMENT.  TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE DRAFTED ON DUE DATE."  The total amount due and the exact date the payment will be deducted from your account will also be indicated. Direct Payment is a convenient method of paying your water bill and the service is free. 


Direct Payment Enrollment 


Real Estate Closing


Please use the Real Estate Closing Information Form to advise The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (SMCMUA or Authority) of a closing taking place on a property that has an account with the Authority.  Please fill out the form with as much information as possible and submit to the Authority. Approximately 5-7 days after the closing date listed below, a representative of the Authority will reach out to the seller’s attorney to confirm that the closing took place as scheduled. The Authority will then generate a final bill for water used at the property up to the closing date using an automatic reading system. Please be advised that if there is not a properly functioning automatic reading system on the meter at the property, a representative of the Authority will reach out to the seller and either attempt to schedule a time to have this equipment installed prior to the closing, or someone will need to meet a service person at the house on the day of the closing to obtain a read.


Click on the link to the Real Estate Closing Form below, save it to your computer and fill out the information as completely as possible.  Once complete, you may return by e-mail to customerservice@smcmua.org or fax the form to 973-326-6864.


  Real Estate Closing Form