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To report service interruptions or other emergencies during normal business hours, please call Customer Service at 973-326-6880.  Before or after business hours, emergencies may be reported to the Morris County Communications Center at 973-285-2900.  Inform the operator that SMCMUA is your water provider and an Authority technician will be dispatched.


Employee Identification

Protect yourself from fraud!  Be aware of unsolicited attempts by persons posing as SMCMUA employees to obtain personal information or gain entry into your home or business, including solicitations by email or phone.  If a customer is unsure of whether a call is legitimate or not, hang up and contact us directly using our Customer Service number at 973-326-6880 or customerservice@smcmua.org.  SMCMUA employees carry a photo ID and field employees wear SMCMUA uniforms and drive SMCMUA marked vehicles.  Contact your local police department to report these unsolicited attempts.



Written inquiries may be sent to: SMCMUA, Customer Service Dept., 19 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, N.J. 07927. Telephone inquiries may be made by calling your account representative. A direct number appears in the message section on the face of your bill. Please have account number available when calling. Inquiries may be made in person, by appointment, at 19 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, N.J. - Monday through Friday, between 9:00AM and 4:00PM, except holidays. A schedule of service charges is available upon request.



Bills are payable, in full, upon presentation. Delinquent accounts are to contact Collector at 973-326-6880. Interest in the amount of 1-1/2% per month will be charged on unpaid balances 30 days from the billing date. Payments may be made by mail using the enclosed envelope. You may also pay your bill in person at 19 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey 07927.



All refunds will be provided as a credit to the Customer's billing statement if available, if not, a refund check will be issued.



The SMCMUA must be notified in writing to arrange a final meter reading when the customer is moving out. Said customer is responsible for all charges until a final reading is taken.



This charge covers the cost of water service lines, the meter installation, and meter reading and billing costs among other expenses, and does not change with consumption.  Facilities charges are based on the size of the meter.



  1. Failure on the part of the customer to sign for service and pay a deposit.

  2. Failure to provide the Authority with access to the premises when a meter reading or meter change is required.

  3. Nonpayment of bills. Unpaid water bills constitutes a lien on the property (N.J. STATUTES, Title 40:14B-42). Notice of liens will be filed with the municipal tax collector on an annual basis.

  4. Any other violation of the rules and regulations of the Authority.


Installation of a fixed network radio Automatic Meter Reading system is continuing.  It replaces the old system which reads meters via the phone lines.  If we have not yet installed a new meter and radio transmitter at your premises, we will be contacting you sometime over the next year to schedule an appointment.  Customers are requested to contact the Customer Service office before we contact you, and schedule an installation time at your convenience.