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The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority

19 Saddle Road · Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Phone 973-326-6880 · Fax 973-326-9521


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Customers of SMCMUA were notified on 9/22/16 of a possible problem with the drinking water due to a water main break, and were advised to boil the tap water before using as a precautionary measure.  We are pleased to report that the repairs have been completed and subsequent water quality testing shows the water quality to be safe.

THE BOIL WATER ADVISORY IS LIFTED and it is no longer necessary to boil your water before using.  The following measures are strongly encouraged at this time:

  • Run your water faucets for 3-5 minutes to flush your service connection and interior plumbing with water from the service main.
  • Empty and clean your automatic ice makers and water chillers.
  • Drain and refill your hot water heater if the temperature is set below 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Service connections with a water softener/cartridge filters should be run through a regeneration cycle or other procedures recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Water reservoirs in tall buildings should be drained and refilled (as applicable).

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact:  SMCMUA Customer Service at 973-326-6880.  You may also visit our web site at www.smcmua.org for further information.




19 Saddle Road

Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927


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Customer Service: 973-326-6880

Operations Phone: 973-326-6860


For after hours emergencies,

dial (973) 867-1758.


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The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (SMCMUA or Authority) provides high quality drinking water to customers in Morristown, Morris Township, Morris Plains and Hanover Township with some service in Mendham Township and Harding Township, and to certain customers and municipalities outside its District in Morris County, New Jersey.


On a typical day, about 100,000 people rely on SMCMUA's commitment to high quality for their drinking water needs.  With over 15,000 residential and 2,500 commercial/industrial accounts, SMCMUA is Morris County's largest water purveyor.


Take a moment to look at the latest water quality data in our Water Quality Report section.  Want some tips on water conservation?  Check out the Water Conservation page.  Trouble understanding your bill?  Our Customer Service page in the Services section will try to help you.  There is a wealth of information available about the water system and its history in the Operations section.


SMCMUA is a municipal utilities authority created by law and governed by N.J.S.A. 40:14B-1 et seq.  You can check out public meeting dates and review Board meeting agendas on the Board Activities page.


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The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority is a participating member of a number of water related associations.  Additional information about water quality, supply and other environmental issues can be obtained from the following professional organizations:

Association of Environmental Authorities

NJ Section, American Water Works Association 

American Water Works Association

Water Research Foundation

You can also visit the websites of the Authority's Creating Municipalities by clicking the links below:

Township of Hanover

Township of Morris

Town of Morristown

Borough of Morris Plains


Clyde Potts Reservoir

The Southeast Morris County Utilities Authority’s primary mission is to maintain, operate and improve the potable water supply and distribution system for the protection of public health and safety.  In order to achieve this mission, the Authority has established the following goals:

  • Provide responsive and timely customer service.

  • Strive to achieve excellence in meeting or exceeding (surpassing) all of the regulatory requirements in accordance with the Safe Drinking and Clean Water Acts.

  • Maintain a progressive water quality monitoring program beyond regulatory requirements.

  • Maintain structured preventative maintenance and asset management programs for reliable system operations.

  • Cost control measures:

    • Ensure efficient revenue collections.

    • Work to streamline operating expenditures such as energy and chemical purchases.

    • Maintain a five (5) year and beyond capital improvement program so that these investments are the most cost effective over the full life-cycle of our virtual (cyber) and physical systems and equipment, and that these investments are strategic in order to minimize costs and to maintain a system that is resilient in response to undefined events such as severe weather or breaches in security.

  • Invest in the professional development of our human assets (staff) in particular for necessary succession planning and for credentialing so that staff remain qualified to conduct Authority business in line with industry best practices and technologic challenges.

Notice to SMCMUA Customers – Alert

A customer in SMCMUA’s service area brought to our attention that they had received this notice (click here).  SMCMUA contacted the number on the notice and was informed that this was a water testing service being offered by Home Depot.  An internet search on the return address resulted in BBB reference identifying the company AWP as Atlantic Water Products – DE http://www.bbb.org/delaware/business-reviews/water-filtration-and-purification-equipment/atlantic-water-products-de-in-new-castle-de-21000014/).

SMCMUA does not support the solicitation being made for water testing by Home Depot and/or AWP.

SMCMUA customers should be aware that that if they would like to have their water tested that the “NJ State Drinking Water Certified Tests” can be coordinated directly through SMCMUA by contacting the Customer Service Department at 973-326-6880.  SMCMUA customers can also access current water quality data directly from SMCMUA’s website under the Water Quality tab or by contacting the Customer Service Department.





Protect yourself from fraud!  Be aware of unsolicited attempts by persons posing as SMCMUA employees to obtain personal information or gain entry into your home or business, including solicitations by email or phone.  If a customer is unsure of whether a call or attempt to gain entry into their home or business is legitimate or not, contact SMCMUA’s Customer Service Department by phone or email to verify by calling or emailing at: 973-326-6880 or customerservice@smcmua.org.  SMCMUA employees carry a photo ID and field employees wear SMCMUA uniforms and drive SMCMUA marked vehicles.  Contact your local police department to report these unsolicited attempts.


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