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SMCMUA staff are conducting water service repairs in the vicinity of Ash Lane in Harding Township.  Customers may experience an interruption in water service while repairs are being made.  Please check back to SMCMUA's website for any updates.  SMCMUA apologizes for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your patience.

If discolored water is observed, flush the internal cold water plumbing lines until all faucets run clear, start at the lowest level of your home or business and work your way to the highest level floor.  Flush sinks, tubs, showers, all appliances that utilize water and outdoor hose bibs. 

  • Flush the water lines that feed the washing machine and dishwasher before use by running each through one cycle. 

  • If discolored water is utilized to wash laundry, it may become stained, in this case the laundry may have to be rewashed (do not dry stained laundry) using an iron stain remover product. 

  • Empty and clean automatic ice makers.

  • Drain and refill hot water heaters with temperatures set below 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Follow manufacturer recommendations for any necessary flushing of water softeners/cartridge filters. If the water pressure or flow is lower than normal at a specific faucet, remove and clean the aerator screen.

  • Water reservoirs in tall buildings should be drained and refilled (as applicable).


(Updated:  December 27, 2017 at 8:51 a.m.)