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I.                    Statement of Public Notice

II.                  Salute to the Flag

III.                Roll Call

IV.                Motion Approving the Minutes of November 2, 2017

V.                  Resolution Authorizing Payment of Second November 2017 List of Bills

VI.                Communications

VII.              Other Business

A.                  Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Funds between 2017 Budget Appropriations

B.                  Resolution Authorizing Execution of a Professional Service Contract with Nisivoccia, L.L.P. as Accountants-Auditors

C.                  Resolution Authorizing Execution of a Professional Service Contract for Non-exclusive Professional Consulting Engineering Services Related to Water Supply Planning and Rate Related Matters

D.                 Resolution Awarding Contract for Asbestos Management

VIII.            Such Other Matters to Legally Come Before the Board

IX.                Reports

A.                  Executive Director/Chief Engineer October 2017

B.                  Superintendent October 2017

C.                  Health, Safety and Security October 2017

D.                 Information Technology October 2017

E.                  Finance October 2017

X.                  Public Discussion

XI.                Adjournment