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I.                    Statement of Public Notice

II.                  Salute to the Flag

III.                Oath of Office for Appointed Member John “Jack” Doherty

IV.                Roll Call

V.                  Motion Approving Minutes of December 21, 2017

VI.                Resolution Approving Closed Session Minutes of December 21, 2017

VII.              Resolution Authorizing Payment of January 2018 List of Bills

VIII.            Other Business

A.                  Resolution Authorizing Award of Additional Contracts Under Cooperative Pricing Agreement with the Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council

B.                  Resolution Rescinding Award of Contract for Water Treatment Chemicals

C.                  Resolution Authorizing Closed Session Discussion:

1.                  Report of the Personnel Committee

a.                  Compensation for Management Employees

D.                 Resolution Approving Salary Compensation for Management Employees

E.                  Discussion – Reorganization Meeting Agenda

IX.                Such Other Matters to Legally Come Before the Board

X.                  Reports

A.                  Executive Director/Chief Engineer – December 2017

B.                  Superintendent – December 2017

C.                  Health, Safety and Security – December 2017

D.                 Information Technology – December 2017

E.                  Finance – December 2017

XI.                Public Discussion

XII.              Adjournment